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Sam's Interactive Reader 3.8

Sam's Interactive Reader is a lovely application for kids with nice stories
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Sam's Interactive Reader is a lovely application for kids in which they have to play games to unlock stories. The more coins you obtain by playing games, the more stories you will be able to unlock. You can also earn coins by feeding the fish in the bowl whenever necessary. The application also includes coloring games with cute drawings and a big palette to paint them with. Sadly, the drawings cannot be saved, but you can print them. There are also entertaining games such as a memory game, a word search game, and story quizzes. As you play the games, you advance through the levels, so the games will get more challenging.

All the games have great graphics, nice sounds and different music. The stories are also very attractive and they include images and text, and the story is spoken aloud. When the kids are ready to continue with the story, they can press the right arrow key and if there's something they didn't understand they can go backwards with the left arrow key.

In short, if you are looking for a very enjoyable and attractive application to keep your kids entertained for a while, Sam's Interactive Reader can be a nice choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely graphics and music
  • Enjoyable games
  • Nice stories


  • The drawings cannot be saved
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